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Munoz Yusef
Munoz Yusef
Extensive experience
28.12.2020 | Text translated automaticallyShow original
Friendly staff, flexible insurance options
Price is above average
If there's one thing Prominent Insurance Brokers to be proud of is that in the past 20 years in this field of service I think they are more capable of giving flexible benefits for the Car Insurance needs, I was one of the people try these services to them and I have no regret on it. They are very attentive and providing me a lot of options in choosing an insurance policy. Staff are friendly, I don't have anything to say in terms of agent-customer relation in my experience.

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Prominent Insurance Brokers

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Payment methods: Card payment, Cash payment, Bank cheques; Insurance: Home Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Motor Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Medical Insurance, Fire Insurance, Loss of Money Insurance, Group Medical Insurance, Marine and Cargo Insurance, Medical Malpractice Insurance, Sports Insurance; Service Language: English, Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam, Urdu.


We have been providing stability and reliability to our clients since 2000 to help them live their lives with confidence give them peace of mind, and enable them to realize their dreams for their loved ones and their legacy. We help our clients to identify their insurance needs, and buy the needed insurance on behalf of our clients on the most favorable terms and price. We are also responsible for the processing and negotiation of claims under the insurances we buy for our clients.

Unlike other insurance providers, and We at Prominent Insurance broker works for you rather than an insurance company.  Brokers use their professional knowledge and experience to help you properly assess your insurance needs, shop for the best value in insurance coverage and help you in the event of a claim.

Many brokers will help you with a quote on line or over the phone, but personal consultations are encouraged, to answer any questions you may have, ensure there are no misunderstandings and no detail is overlooked.

Our services include:

Assessing your individual needs and obtaining quotes. Depending on the property, vehicle or business being insured, this might include performing an insurance valuation, taking photographs or obtaining an inspection report.

Comparing the coverage of different insurers to get you the best rates and conditions in an unbiased manner and making recommendations.

Searching for opportunities to reduce overall premiums by combining different types of insurance for discounts.

Explaining premiums, terms, conditions and any small print that you don’t understand.

Providing administrative follow-up, such as mortgage changes, certificates of insurance.

Providing advice and revisions at policy renewal or mid-term if material changes are necessary, such as a move or the sale of an asset.

Being available to answer questions after purchase. We are well established in UAE setting and insurance is our primary business.

Ensuring claims are fairly handled. We help you with the process and ensure a fair and speedy settlement. PIB makes a positive difference to an insurer’s payout in a substantial number of claims.

  • +971 4 6029999
  • Office Court Building, 228, Oud Maitha Road, Oud Metha, Bur Dubai, Dubai
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