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Lavrenets Kateryna
Lavrenets Kateryna
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This is the hidden treasure of Abu Dhabi! I have been living in the UAE for many years, but I have never been there before, and I am very glad that I finally managed to visit this place. The hospital offers very well-organized and professional 2-hour tours that are conducted by hospital staff, with a lot of interesting facts, they show some medical manipulations, visitors touch the falcons, feed the falcons, take pictures with falcons. This is a great experience for both adults and children, you will not get bored for a second!

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Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

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ADFH has a large clinical examination rooms with multiple, advanced anesthetic equipment where minor procedures like application of bandages, blood sampling, imping and coping can be done. The unique and highly modern Ophthalmology unit with the latest equipment and instruments that are used to diagnose diseases of the avian eye. We have a separate Falcon Pox unit with thermo-cautery apparatus and other equipment to treat cases of Avian Pox. Our 2 large modern operation theatres contain the latest equipment for endoscopy and soft/hard tissue surgery. It also has the facilities for digital recording of endoscopic videos. At ADFH, we use the latest orthopedic instruments for fracture surgery. We also have an advanced patient monitoring apparatus with facilities for monitoring patient during surgeries. The ADFH Digital Radiography unit is well equipped with an appropriate X-Ray machine and a fully automated radiograph developing apparatus.. The extensive state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit is unique to ADFH. It boosts facilities for attending multiple critically ill birds in separate rooms at the same time.


The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (ADFH) is the first public institution in the United Arab Emirates providing comprehensive veterinary health care services exclusively for falcons. Established by Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and opened on 3rd of October, 1999, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has become the largest falcon hospital in the UAE and in the world with a patient influx of more than 110,000 patients since its opening.

Yearly around 11,000 falcons are received for examinations and treatment. Since its inception, the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has emerged as one of the most reputed falcon hospitals in the Gulf region and as the largest falcon hospital in the world and leading center for falcon medicine world-wide. Over the years, the ADFH has established a loyal and a wide patient-base not just in the UAE, but also in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

From being established as a purely veterinary facility, the ADFH has expanded in the fields of education and awareness, training and research. Due to the huge demand for providing our experience to other avian species, we have opened the falcon hospital became a fully-fledged specialized avian hospital for all kinds of birds and poultry species in 2006.

In 2007, ADFH opened its doors to an award-winning tourism program. In recent years, ADFH has highly successfully entered the field of leisure and MICE tourism by tremendous increases in tourists who have joined Falcon World Tour. Through its award-winning tourism program, ADFH had proven its importance as one of the major tourist attractions in the Abu Dhabi Emirate and continuously promotes Abu Dhabi as tourist destination.

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